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Don't let your best ideas fly away with the wind. Whether you're looking for your next commercial or the short film you've always dreamed of, this is your place.


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Let's grab a coffee and tell us about your idea. Are you looking for a topographic survey? A music video for your last Billboard Hit? Or maybe your next movie? No problem!

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What we offer



For your company's next commercial, for the movie you have always dreamed of, for the ceremony of your life. Seat back, relax and leave the rest to us.

  • Commercials and promo
  • Short films and web-series
  • Feature films


We edit and manufacture your footage, carefully respecting your coloring, rythm, VFX and timing needs. It couldn't be easier!

  • Pre-existing footage
  • Stock footage
  • Motion graphics


Boost the exposure of your event with a real multi-cam live broadcasting and stream it wherever you want, ensuring a 360° vision to everyone.

  • Performances
  • Sporting events
  • Meetings


Have a perfect idea for a Hollywood kolossal, but don't know where to start? Just rely on our creative team and try our pre production service.

  • Short films
  • Web-series
  • Feature films

Location scouting

Are you a film production and you want to film in Sardinia? Rely on our Location Scouting service and Let yourself be transported to the heart of the Island.

  • Face to face or remote meetings
  • Site visits
  • Large location database

Topographic surveys

For all your needs. Rely on a EASA A1-A3 Pilot and observe lands, buildings and landscapes, saving time and avoiding unnecessary risks.

  • Still images and videos
  • Ortho-photos
  • 3D models

Why trust Filmsardegna

Passion for film is our engine, ideas are our gasoline. We've made short films, documentaries and feature films since 2013, but the best is yet to come. Have an idea? Let us set the production up for you.
Music videos and commercials have no secrets for us. We offer tailor-made solutions for a wide range of application areas, with a careful assessment of your needs. Want a dynamic video? A rythmic editing? A customised color correction? We got this.
Simple topographic surveys are utopian? Wrong! Discover our simple and fast drone service: we'll take into account of all your requirements. Obtain the mapping of a terrain or the oblique photos of a building in a few minutes! Seeing is believing.

Be the star of our next artistic production

We are always looking for actors, actresses and models for our short films, music videos and commercials. Want to get involved? Insert your profile in our database, we'll get in touch as soon as we can. No experience required.


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